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Hello my name is Tyrone Burnett and I am a fourth-year college student who will soon be an emerging artist upon graduation in the fall 2019. The college I attend is University of Illinois at Springfield. Within the University I have taken many art classes that taught me the necessary skills needed in the art world. In particular, ceramics became my primary form of Art and digital media became my second. In ceramics I was able to create my own sculptures dealing with emotional aspects about a personal life experience and which you cannot see. As well as my love for animation, my sculptures have a cartoon mix with entanglements of breed of humans and animals aesthetic. I have been creating ceramic sculptures since my second year of college. I have had to think outside the box to create forms I never dealt with until attending the school. To me that shows that I'm willing to step outside my comfort zone to perform tas given to me and finding creative solutions that will help me succeed. Digital media have told me to pay close attention to details and use the digital world to perform tasks that is impossible to perform in real life. Outside of Ceramics and digital media I have also taken drawing,painting and multiple history courses to enhance my art ability and be a well-rounded artist once I graduate. With that being said I am confident in my skills to work at a level that will require a lot from me. Even if I do not know something I believe I will find a solution to any problem.

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